This site will be closing soon and is no longer supported after 3/31/24.

Regarding your rewards:

  1. Approved rewards submitted June 1 – December 20, 2023 have been loaded to your new Accuride Select Reward Prepaid Mastercard. This new card came from North Lane Technologies (new banking partner) on or around 2/20/24, so you should have received it.

  2. You received notification of the closure of your old Accuride Select Reward Mastercard on 11/21/23, and an updated email on 3/4/24. You had until December 28, 2023 to spend those rewards, and after that date, EML (old banking partner) should have sent you a check with any remaining balance. Unfortunately there was a delay with the check reimbursements. If you have any questions about your card closure, please call 1-800-755-8713.